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BRIDES! are couple photos important to you on your wedding day, as well as spending as much time as you can with all the family and friends that are there? if so, I always suggest a first look (I will never pressure you into it tho, I just like to give you the facts for you to make your own decision). I always tell my couples first looks are the only alone time you will get all day (since you are the center of attention, naturally everyone will want to talk to you!). you get to talk and actually have actual conversation (when you get up to the alter you can wink or mouth a word, but that’s it). you can always make it what you want it to be. my husband and I exchanged notes and gifts, as well as prayed for one another. I vividly remember this moment as one of my favorites of the day! (it is also a different moment from the ceremony itself. at that point, someone is walking you down the aisle, you now have your veil on and all your family and friends are there). such a sweet moment in itself! you can take as much or as little time for this as you want, I leave it up to you. a huge plus after all this is we get most all of the photos done beforehand (any extended family photos you want plus a few more couple photos since lighting will be different), so if joining your cocktail hour sounds appealing to you or you don’t want to feel like you have to cram everything into a one hour time span (all wedding party, family and then couple shots) then a first look might be your jam! at the end of the day, it’s your wedding so do what feels best for you. but also communicate what time you are thinking of having your ceremony to your photographer before you send out invites to make sure you will have enough lighting after the ceremony if you opt to not do a first look (since we will have lots of photos to do!). *was this helpful? let me know if you want me to give more tips like this in the future!