our wedding [personal]

Ooooo! Looks like Lauren is making a post about our wedding =) Good thing she ran to target so I can actually have sometime to type up my thoughts on this Post. We can call this the Daniel Scotti Edition by Lauren Scotti Photographer.

Where to begin. First off looking back at these pictures brings back so many fun memories and deep emotions on our love for each other. It is important to look back and visit these feelings and share them with others.

I remember Lauren saying that she wanted to post about our 6 months. So, here are 6 favorite things about Marriage. #posthack

  1. MORNINGS! I love waking up to my beautiful wife. Lots of random conversations happen even before we get on with our day. Usually something that makes us laugh. And starting a day with laughter is never a bad thing.
  2. DINNER! Lauren is an amazing cook and keep getting better. I keep ignoring the fact that she says its healthy. If I have thirds I’m sure the whole healthy thing is thrown out the window.
  3. DATES! Dates. Are. Awesome.
  4. TV SHOWS! There is something about being able to watch a show that we both just need to see the next episode. Simple, Semi Free (Netflix!), Fun!
  5. LIFE!  Life is crazy. Life is Fun, and Life never stops. Lauren is always going to be in my life and so far in our marriage it is amazing to see God grown in our hearts through everyday life. Praying together has been something that I believe to be the most intimate thing we do as a couple. when we can talk to our Father (God) about all that is going on. Expressing these things together is so special.
  6. PHOTOGRAPHY! Seeing how much Lauren pours into each client and every picture makes me respect how hard you photographers work. I believe that God has created Lauren not to just take pictures but to love on others and the most effective way she can do that is through something she loves so much. Photography!
      I Love you so much. I can’t believe its been 6 months already! God is so good and has blessed us in amazing ways. My prayer for us is to continue to stay grounded and rooted in Him and lean on Jesus in every situation. I love you my Wife and am truly better because of you. Happy 6 months and I can’t wait for what the future holds!
come back to my computer and find THIS! i am blown away from my husband’s loving heart (and sneakiness!). It has brought me to tears to read the kind words he has written above. I am truly lucky to call him my husband and look forward to the rest of our lives! This was seriously my dream wedding. Enjoy this lengthy post of wedding photos!
[We were also lucky enough to have our wedding posted on Green Wedding Shoes! Yay!]



*A HUGE thanks to our AMAZING photographers Jessica Claire and  her associate Katie Beverly!! We are so blessed to have you not only as our photographers, but as friends. Thanks a million times over!

Venue: Parker Ranch in Trabuco Canyon, CA
Photographer: Jessica Claire
Flowers: MV Florist
Dress: Jenny Packham
Day of coordinator: Cortney Helaine Events